Samsung Galaxy S21 US sales have reportedly tripled compared to last year

The Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Enlarge / The Galaxy S21 Ultra.

As it turns out, a big price drop is a great way to boost sales. SamMobile has the latest Strategy Analytics numbers and reports that first-month US sales of the Galaxy S21 series have tripled compared to last year.

The Galaxy S20 series arrived last year at MSRPs of $1,000 for the base model, $1,200 for the S20 Plus, and $1,400 for the S20 Ultra. This year, Samsung rolled out a $200 price drop across the lineup, resulting in an $800 base model, $1,000 Plus model, and $1,200 Ultra model. On top of that, Samsung has also been more aggressive about price drops, even in the first month of sales.

We’ve seen similar reports of an S21 sales increase out of South Korea, too. Galaxy S21 sales have risen 1.5-to-2 times higher in Korea, making the S21 the most popular Samsung device since the Galaxy S8’s release in 2017. Samsung UK has touted strong sales, too.

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