Rocket Report: Russia developing a space plane, Europe frets about SpaceX

Hot fire test of integrated second stage for ABL Space System's RS1 rocket in the fall of 2020.

Enlarge / Hot fire test of integrated second stage for ABL Space System’s RS1 rocket in the fall of 2020. (credit: ABL Space Systems)

Welcome to Edition 3.38 of the Rocket Report! This week, we have launch news from around the world, including several snippets from across the pond, where Europe is grappling with the rise of SpaceX as well as how best to foster its nascent commercial launch industry. As ever there is much to track.

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Relativity proving that 3D-printing rockets works. There remain very real questions about whether or not this additive-manufacturing approach is ultimately feasible. The acid test will come when Relativity attempts to reach orbit. Nevertheless, the company’s 3D-printing technology does seem to be working. Two recent milestones in the development of the company’s Terran 1 rocket, in fact, suggest the tech is working really well, Ars reports.

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