VW changing to Voltswagen—early April fool or corporate rebranding? [Updated]

In April 2020, Volkswagen tweaked its corporate logo.

Enlarge / In April 2020, Volkswagen tweaked its corporate logo. (credit: Volkswagen)

Update, 8:11am: Apparently it’s real.

Original story, 7:53 am:On Monday, automotive journalist twitter was roiled by the news that Volkswagen—literally the people’s car in German—was going to change its name in the US. According to CBNC, a press release published on VW’s US media site on March 29, but dated April 29 and since deleted, said that from this May, VW will now stand for Voltswagen.

Yes, volt, with a T, as in the measure of electric potential named for Italian scientist Alessandro Volta, and not volks, which is German for people. The release apparently explained the rebranding as a “public declaration of the company’s future-forward investment in e-mobility.”

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