Xiaomi’s first foldable features a liquid camera lens, Samsung-style design

Xiaomi is resurrecting the Mi Mix model line with the Mi Mix Fold. The first Mi Mix was a futuristic-looking smartphone that kicked off the slim-bezel smartphone race. This new Mi Mix Fold is Xiaomi’s first commercial foldable, and, like Huawei’s efforts, represents the company doing its best to just copy the Samsung Galaxy Fold design.

Just like Huawei’s clone, the Xiaomi Fold is a bit bigger than Samsung’s 7.6-inch device and sports a 60 Hz, 2480×1860, 8.01-inch internal flexible OLED display. The outside display on Xiaomi’s Fold is a 90 Hz, 2520×840, 6.5-inch OLED display, which is bigger than Samsung’s 6.2-inch display and Huawei’s 6.45-inch outer display. Interestingly, Xiaomi is taking the opposite approach to screen refresh rates that Samsung is taking. On the Z Fold 2, a fast 120 Hz display is the interior tablet screen on the device, while the phone-style screen is 60 Hz. Xiaomi made the big inside screen slow and the outside screen fast.

Xiaomi has settled on an iPad-like 4:3 aspect ratio for the inside screen, while Samsung switched from nearly 4:3 in the first generation (4.2:3) to a taller 5:4 aspect ratio in its second-generation foldable. Huawei landed around this 5:4 aspect ratio for its foldable, too. It’s hard to know what the right screen dimensions are for an Android foldable, since Android tablets have been dead for so long that there’s really no app support anymore. Today, most Android apps are phone apps, and they really struggle to adapt to bigger displays. Samsung’s and Huawei’s ~5:4 displays are nearly two regular 21:9 Android phones placed next to each other, so they can sidestep this issue by just running in split-screen most of the time. The 4:3 aspect ratio of the Galaxy Fold 1 was a bit too cramped for split-screen.

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