Atari’s corporate zombie raises $110,000 overnight from Centipede NFTs

The corporate entity managing the Atari brand name (which has only the slightest connection to the original company known as Atari at this point) is the latest company to get in on the speculative mania surrounding non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Atari SA’s first NFT auction, which concluded Wednesday night on OpenSea, raised 47.582 ether (about $92,000 USD at current prices) through the sale of 10 cryptographically signed NFTs, each representing a 3D model of an Atari 2600 Centipede cartridge. The cheapest of the 10 NFTs sold for 3.25 ether (about $6,300) while the most expensive (numbered “1 of 30” in its digital stats, even though only 10 have sold so far) went for a whopping 9.4395 ether (about $18,300).

A separate set of 100 NFTs representing red Centipede cartridges also sold on the Harmony One marketplace for the equivalent of $180.78 each, raising an additional $18,000 in just one and a half hours, according to a spokesperson.

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