There’s a lot to like about Honda’s efficient, affordable Accord Hybrid

Back in 2018, I tried out the 10th-generation Honda Accord and came away impressed. Sedans might have lost their allure among the focus groups and tastemakers that influence automakers’ product plans, but there’s still plenty of life in the form factor, as the Accord demonstrated. Honda recently gave the Accord a refresh for model year 2021, and that seemed like a good opportunity to revisit it.

This time there’s no manual transmission, as Honda has sadly dropped that option. Instead, we spent some time with the Accord Hybrid, which starts at $26,370 and offers a rather appealing 48 mpg (4.9 l/100 km).

The Accord’s refresh has been pretty mild in terms of styling changes. The large grille is now actually a bit larger, but horizontal strips of chrome brightwork give it a much less unfinished appearance than before. The front-looking radar sensor is better integrated, and there are new, more powerful headlights (although not on the cheapest Accord Hybrid trim). There are some new wheel designs, again, for each trim other than the basic one. (This will be a theme.)

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