Rocket Report: Blue Origin protests Starship, China launches space station

The Delta IV Heavy rocket launches on April 26, 2021. Yes, it's ok that the rocket is on fire.

Enlarge / The Delta IV Heavy rocket launches on April 26, 2021. Yes, it’s ok that the rocket is on fire. (credit: United Launch Alliance)

Welcome to Edition 3.43 of the Rocket Report! Please note that there will be no publication of this report next week as I will be taking several days off from work beginning Wednesday. The publication will return on May 13—thank you for your patience.

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Vega rocket returns to flight. It was a success for Europe’s Vega small launch vehicle on Wednesday night, carrying a next-generation imaging satellite for Airbus Defence and Space into low-Earth orbit. It is Vega’s first mission since a Nov. 16 launch failure destroyed two Earth observation satellites, Space News reports. An independent investigation pinned that failure on cables that were improperly connected in the upper stage of the rocket, which Italian rocket maker Avio builds.

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