Invincible S1: Clearly TV’s most fun superhero shows are on Amazon these days

The trailer for Amazon’s Invincible.

The last few years have been great for viewers who enjoy standard-issue CW teen dramas (Gossip Girl forever!) but want a little something extra mixed in. Bridgerton blends in period piece flair and a Cinemax “Skinemax” pulse, while The End of the Fucking World merges dark comedy and a post-apocalyptic world. And don’t forget how Anna and the Apocalypse manages to weave together teen drama, Christmas stories, zombies, and musicals (albeit in a film).

But no show has playfully leveraged genres with a teen narrative at its core as creatively as Invincible, Amazon Prime’s new animated series based on the Robert Kirkman comics. The story follows ho-hum high school nobody Mark Grayson doing all the usual stuff: trying relationships, considering his post-graduation future, and dealing with overarching family drama. But all that noise only gets more complicated because Mark happens to be the son of the most powerful being in the galaxy, a Superman-like figure known as Omni-Man to the world (and Nolan to his family). Teen drama meets a superhero story, meaning the guy coming of age happens to be coming into his powers, too.

Invincible wraps its first season this weekend, and Variety reported Amazon has renewed the show for two more seasons already. That’s great news, because it means people who love superheroes now have time to catch up. This show may not have “Marvel’s” in the title, but after these eight episodes, I’m extremely confused why you’d get your new caped crusader kicks anywhere else.

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