After Epic v. Apple namecheck, runs one-day-only dev-friendly promo

After Epic v. Apple namecheck, runs one-day-only dev-friendly promo

Enlarge (credit:, a digital download storefront that largely sells indie video games, launched its first-ever “Creator Day” on Friday. This one-day-only price promotion is aimed more at developers than consumers, as it comes with a twist: will claim precisely zero dollars in service fees from its developers until the promotion ends at 2:59 am ET on Saturday, May 15.

The sale comes as Epic and Apple, two massive players in the digital storefront space, continue to face off in court over the percentages charged to game- and software-makers for every sale of a game. may not have wanted to become part of that argument, but the Epic Games v. Apple court case seems to have forced the company’s hand.

Before the lawsuit’s start, Epic announced that it would allow its Epic Games Store (EGS) users to download and access, thus publicly proving that Epic was willing to host a competitor’s storefront. Epic’s lawsuit revolves around Apple’s unwillingness to do the same on the iOS App Store—a decision that led to Fortnite‘s delisting from the platform.

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