Microsoft’s Surface Duo falls even lower, now almost $1000 off

Poor Microsoft. The company’s Surface Duo phone was supposed to be the company’s triumphant entry into the Android phone market, but instead, it will probably be remembered as one of the bigger flops in the industry. The latest chapter of Microsoft’s dual-screen disaster involves a new low price for the ongoing fire sale: Amazon’s Woot is selling the phone for $409, an incredible $990.99 off the $1399.99 MSRP. The one catch is that it’s locked to AT&T.

It definitely feels like we’ve seen this trajectory before. The phone debuted in September 2020 for $1399 with poor reviews and a questionable spec sheet. A month after launch, it had a $200 price drop to $1199, and seven months in, it saw a 50 percent price drop down to $699. Today, at 71 percent off, the Surface Duo can now join the ranks of other market failures that ended up in the bargain bin, like the Amazon Fire Phone, the Essential Phone, and the Google Pixel Slate.

The Surface Duo is (was?) a very unique dual-screen smartphone design. Microsoft equipped the phone with a left 5.6-inch touchscreen and a right 5.6-inch touchscreen, and the whole thing folded up like a small notebook. It was visually beautiful, with an extreme emphasis on thinness and nothing but a flat pane of glass on the inside and outside.

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