Today’s massive Internet outage comes courtesy of Akamai Edge DNS

"Dude, it <em>can't</em> be DNS." "How much you wanna bet?"

Enlarge / “Dude, it can’t be DNS.” “How much you wanna bet?” (credit: PeopleImages via Getty Images)

A massive Internet outage today has covered in warnings for popular websites and services, such as the PlayStation Network, Steam, Fidelity Investments, Airbnb, FedEx, LastPass, UPS, Amazon, and others.

The root cause of the outage appears to be a failure in Akamai’s Edge DNS Service. Its system status page reports that Akamai is aware of “an emerging issue with the Edge DNS service”—one downgraded to “Minor Service Outage,” with no further explanation as of press time.

According to Akamai, a fix has been implemented, and Edge DNS is “resuming normal operations.” Akamai also states that the unspecified issue “was not a result of a cyberattack on the Akamai platform,” although there’s no word so far on what the issue actually was or what caused it.

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