Google’s Wear OS 3 update plans will leave most existing devices behind

A Wear OS watch.

Enlarge / A Wear OS watch. (credit: Ron Amadeo)

Google has provided a few more details about its upcoming Wear OS update plans. As we’ve reported, Google and Samsung are teaming up to resurrect the struggling Wear OS. Samsung is ditching Tizen watches and bringing its Exynos SoCs to the Wear OS platform, and Google will start Wear OS development again after mostly ignoring the operating system for the past few years.

The post on the official Wear OS forums is titled “What Wear OS 3 means for you,” and it describes what will be a rocky transition to the new OS. First, it’s important to note that the post is formally calling the revamped Wear OS “Wear OS 3,” a detail Google has left out of all its official statements so far, opting for “unified platform,” “the new version of Wear OS,” or some other clunky descriptor. It’s version 3! This lines up with our count; it’s the first major Wear OS update since Wear OS 2 in 2018.

Next, we get a list of devices being updated from Wear OS 2 to 3. It’s not long:

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