Halo Infinite will be series’ first to patch co-op into game after launch

The latest Halo Infinite development update has confirmed that the highly anticipated shooter sequel is still slated to land in the vague time window of “Holiday 2021.” But the latest news confirms that the game will ship with a bit less content than series fans might have expected. For the first time in the series’ history, a Halo shooter game will launch without multiplayer co-op as an option for its “campaign” half.

Joseph Staten—a longtime Halo writer and producer who currently serves as Creative Lead of the 343 Industries studio—presented the bad news in an update video on Friday, after going so far as to assert that “campaign co-op is fundamental to the Halo experience.” Though Infinite will eventually get co-op, it won’t be ready as part of the product being sold (or included in paid Xbox Game Pass subscriptions) later this year. The exact technical reasoning for the mode’s delay is unclear, but fans may be able to read between the lines of Staten’s explanation about why that mode has yet to reach his team’s “quality bar.”

Staten said:

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